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Connectivity to support your business needs

Business communications encompass connectivity and connectivity underpins everything. Fast connections and reliability are essential for keeping your business running. From direct lines to Wi-Fi capabilities, we’ll help you find the best connections for your business.

We can provide fixed voice and data connectivity for your organisation that’s both secure and reliable – so your employees can work seamlessly together in the office. Our business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help you respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

Communications for business

Business Broadband

Every business requires a different level of connectivity, so when it comes to broadband it is crucial that you not only have assured speeds and a reliable connection, but a solution tailored to your exact business requirements. Products such as DSL and ADSL provide you with varying options to ensure that you can benefit from the level of broadband that you require for your business to thrive and ensure future growth.

As businesses and technology evolve, the solutions used to connect people, places and applications need to be agile. Finding the right business connectivity and internet services for your organisation is vital in a world where enterprises are changing the way they communicate with customers and employees – as well as their business transactions.

Tela supports businesses both big and small, as they change, grow and develop. So regardless of the size and scale of your organisation’s internet and networking needs, we can support you through agile connectivity.

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Our connectivity solutions

Ethernet cables entering a server
Tela offers a wide range of connectivity products and services that all deliver fast and reliable connectivity, while providing you with a range of options to meet your specific needs. We work with you to develop a bespoke solution, weaving them together into a strong connectivity fabric.
Dedicated Internet Access
Dedicated Internet Access
DIA provides you with dedicated bandwidth with super-fast access speeds, meaning you never have to be slowed down by other people’s traffic.
Tela Ethernet Services
No longer do you need to be tied up with a landline package. Businesses that use SOGEA are likely to expect a cheaper rate whilst still experiencing the benefits of reliable and fast broadband.
Fibre to the Premises and Fibre to the Cabinet can help your business cut costs, increase speeds, and improve overall efficiency.