With businesses now communicating over so many different channels, it can become far too easy for business-critical messages to fall into the gaps that exist between them. Vodafone One Net Business addresses this problem by joining up your fixed-line phones, mobiles, desktop, and tablet’s connectivity and integrating them into a single yet reliable platform that simplifies your businesses communications.

As the UK’s only cloud-based, converged communications solution, Vodafone One Net enables businesses to be more responsive, more efficient, and always connected, so that you can work from anywhere and across a range of devices at all times.

Reliable, simple, unified communications for today and the future

A secure cloud-based business telephone system, One Net Business joins-up your landline and mobile communications so that you’re always connected. One Net is powered by Vodafone’s cutting-edge converged service for fixed-line and mobile phones, offering a range of benefits.

Reliable communications
Using Vodafone’s core IP-based network, One Net Business is a fully secure, hosted business telephone system that ensures your business communications are always-on. One Net Business makes missed calls a thing of the past by enabling you to make and take calls from your desktop, smartphone or tablet with the peace of mind that your communications system won’t let you down.

Simplified communications
By integrating everything, One Net Business simplifies your communications and means you’ll have a single provider, and one contract, for all your fixed-line and mobile requirements – enabling you to work better from anywhere, across a whole range of devices. With an easy to use self-service management portal, it is fast and simple to add new users, functionality and sites, both virtually and on-site.

Future-proofed communications
One Net Business is fully future-proofed, coming with a planned product roadmap of new features and upgrades, giving you peace of mind that your future communication needs will be met. The ongoing virtual system upgrades ensure that it continues to adapt to all the latest technology with no on-site disruption.


A single platform with extensive features

Multiple channels, unified communications

One Net Business enables you to communicate in the ways that suit you best, all from a single platform. You can make a voice call, a video call, or send an instant message for fast and natural communications that suit you.

Availability check
It enables you to check your colleagues’ availability in real-time, before communicating with them on a platform of your choosing.

Next-generation conference calls
Users can easily set up conference calls, as well as edit and share documents on the move. If you need to bring someone onto a call – an expert or a colleague from a different department – you can quickly add them using the drag and drop function.

Instant collaboration
One Net Business supports instant collaboration, enabling users to connect to colleagues with a single click. This enables you to talk to the sender of an email or the authors of a document while still viewing the document, all without having to dial a number.

Intelligent integration
Easily integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, while also having the potential to become even faster, more flexible, and more responsive when integrated with Vodafone 4G on Vodafone Business plans.

One Net Business

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Frequently asked questions

Why use a hosted service than have our Phone System (PBX) on site? Don’t we lose control?

The only benefit of having your PBX on-site is that you can physically see it. Modern on-site phone systems are still managed via a web-browser interface on a computer and One Net is managed the same way. However, as well as being able to make changes to your setup via your web browser, you can also contact our Customer Services team who can make changes for you (without any charge).

Vodafone provides a Router and Switch on-site at your office(s) to manage call traffic, whilst the core intelligence is held in Vodafone’s network and therefore, gives you extra resiliency and disaster proofing.

Do I get all the features and functionality of my old PBX?

Our experience tells us that you may have some functionality that is not necessary. Vodafone ensures that all the features and functionality of One Net are comparable to, if not better than, what you previously had.

With standard telephony lines, you have the same failure point into the office, but don’t have the quick ability to switch calls to your other office – you are reliant on BT or your third-party provider. One Net Business is a future-proof solution with ongoing system upgrades to the latest technology (they have a strong roadmap for further developments lined up over the next 12 months). Internet over Ethernet is now available, plus a brand-new self-service Feature Management Portal and hot desking. These new features will greatly enhance your experience of the service.

Which system is more resilient?

With traditional on-site based telephony, if there is a problem at a site or with your connectivity, calls may fail, and your customers may think you have stopped trading and could go to another business.

On the other hand, because the One Net system is hosted under Vodafone’s network, where it has quadruple redundancy and failover services, the service is unaffected by any issues at customer sites. With a quick call to Customer Services, or an action on the Feature Management Portal, you can transfer all calls from one office site to another, or have mobile calls answered in the office.

Isn’t it better to use our existing data connection for the hosted voice service instead of putting in a new line?

Most hosted telephony services use your existing data connection rather than insisting on a separate line, as One Net Business do. By exposing your voice calls through an existing line that carries other traffic (e.g. data), the quality of the call would be compromised.

However, by installing an additional line using another third-party provider’s data, it increases the complexity of the solution and problem resolution times.

What level of service is there with One Net?

Vodafone monitor their lines 24/7 and have an internal service level to respond to any line issues within 15 minutes. Vodafone Customer Services is completely UK based, in Newark and Newbury, and all calls and customer issues are managed within the UK.

You also get dedicated technical support who will manage all your needs and fully understand your business and you’ll only ever need to call one number if you need technical help or resolve any issues.

If we move to One Net, does that mean we have less opportunity to move in the future?

As with your mobile phones and data lines, you will have full flexibility to move your telephony away to another provider as you wish, at the end of the contract.

The business and personal world is moving to an online, hosted environment. For example, streaming movies are now commonplace, replacing the need for DVD players. Following this trend, we believe that in 3-5 years, the dominant option in the business phone system market will be hosted systems.

Rather than having to find spaces in offices and homes – and having to manage and maintain equipment for yourself – it is better to allow experts and specialists to provide us with the individual services we need when we need them.

How is hosting affected when moving office?

Office moves are significantly easy with hosted telephony. If you want to keep your original office numbers, you can; if you want new numbers, you can add those too. We work with you to plan your move and move the phones correspondingly to your new site.

Within our App Server, we reappoint the old (or new) numbers to the new site, and then you are up and running.

Simple, efficient, effective.

Why choose One Net over another hosted phone system?

Vodafone One Net is the only hosted phone system that truly integrates your mobiles, with Vodafone having control over both the mobiles and the phone system; no other provider combines both. As an example, fixed providers can control the phone system but don’t have access to the mobile network, whereas mobile operators typically won’t have fixed line services, these are often provided by a third party.

The integration of communications provide seamless management and transfer of calls between fixed and mobile, and, uniquely, a singular voicemail between them.

As well as this, there is the ability for receptionists to see if a mobile user is on another line (‘busy’), which no other service provides. By using just one supplier, there is only one bill, and one point of contact.

If our business no longer has a BT landline, can Vodafone provide us with Internet?

Yes, but this is only possible if you are going to access our One Net Business service through Ethernet. Up to 90MB of bandwidth is available and you can choose how much you need in portions of 10MB. If you were planning to get One Net Business via DSL or FTTC, you can upgrade to Ethernet instead.

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